Monday, August 22, 2011

Week 3

The goal this week was to hit 50 miles, get some more elevation in, and hopefully get back out on the mountain bike. (Also, get rid of the poison oak I got on Sunday somewhere along Matt Davis). Pretty solid week overall.

Monday: 6.1 mi @ 7:56 - Ran through the Presideo and up Lover's Lane. Nice steady 300 foot climb.

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: 10.0 mi @ 8:48 (1614') - Hit up Rancho San Antonio and looped the 500 ft ascent Wildcat Loop 3 times. Felt good.

Thursday: 8.0 mi @ 7:45 - Easy miles along the Ebarcadero

Friday: 6.2 mi @ 7:33 - Easy out-and-back to Fort Point

Saturday: 15.2 @ 9:20 (2548') - Met up with Mike at the warming hut, ran out across the GG bridge to Coastal to SCA to Rodeo to Bobcat to Alta to Sca to Coastal and back. Good run along the course

Sunday: 5.0 @ 9:32 (965') - I haven't been on the bike since I started my training so I headed out to Tamarancho for an 11 mi mtn bike ride with plenty of climbing, then headed down to the headlands for and out-and-back on from the lagoon. Legs were a little tired after the ride, but managed 12 minute miles on the ascent and 7 minute miles on the descent.

Total: 50.5 mi (5991')

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